Extra virgin olive oil
My company was founded in 1989 in the green heart of Italy... "Umbria" in the hills between Gualdo Cattaneo and Giano Dell’Umbria, where the oil culture has always been one of the most important things for us locals. Since then, and still I am and I will always be looking for high quality products and in my laboratory I will bottle only and exclusively a 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil.
The fresh truffle
Crossing Umbria you can already smell in the air the king of the table "the TRUFFLE" umbria, rich of woods where the black summer truffle is running the show, Norcia’s mountains where we find the King, the Black Périgord truffle, the huge quantity of freshwater streams that cross the whole umbrian field in the company of our friendly dogs we find the beautiful and fragrant white truffle! ...A real treat is offered by our beautiful region Umbria.
The sauces
My sauces are all prepared with extra Virgin Olive Oil, they do not contain preservatives and colouring agents and we make our sauces artisanally, they are not an industrial product. Simple and natural products, ready to be opened to flavour your entry dishes, apetizers as tarts Bruschette, omelettes, whatever you prefer... my sauces are perfect in every dish.
Prodotti in Evidenza
Tartufella nera
gr 540
€ 30,00
new Oil Pz 12
ml 250